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Christmas–Arizona Style

Nestled in the pines of Yavapai County’s central highlands, Prescott is one of my favorite places in Arizona, and this is the perfect time of year to share one of the many reasons it ranks so high on my list.


In addition to being Arizona’s first territorial capital, Prescott was designated “Arizona’s Christmas City” back in the late 1980s and does everything to live up to the name, with a multitude of parades and festivities. If you long for an old-fashioned Christmas, Prescott is the place to be!


Picture a perfect December evening, with just enough chill in the air to remind us it’s winter—but no slush or snow to trudge through. That’s what it was like last Saturday, when my family made our annual trek to the courthouse lighting ceremony, a tradition we’ve enjoyed for many years. And we were not alone.


On a normal evening, the courthouse plaza might look something like this—


Empty Plaza - Carol Cox


But not on this special night. Even though we arrived over an hour before the festivities were scheduled to begin, a sizable crowd had already gathered . . . and continued to grow.


Crowded Plaza 2 - Carol Cox


The roads surrounding the plaza were blocked off, and cars lined the curbs for blocks in all directions.


Crowded Plaza 1 - Carol Cox

More people arrived, then still more, until the plaza was jam-packed, and the late arrivals spilled out into the adjacent streets. A choir made up of local schoolchildren took its place on the courthouse steps. Spotlights illuminated their eager faces as darkness fell, and they led the crowd in a medley of Christmas carols.


Choir at Plaza - Carol Cox


In this age of political correctness, standing shoulder to shoulder with a crowd of thousands singing songs that celebrate our Savior’s birth and listening to a reading of the nativity story from Luke 2 was a moment to treasure!


Without warning, the spotlights were turned off and the plaza plunged into darkness. Moments later, a multitude of tiny lights flashed on and the whole square blazed with color. In the midst of all the busyness of this season, Arizona’s Christmas City manages to take a moment to focus on the real reason we celebrate.


Lighted Plaza 1 - Carol Cox


Lighted Plaza 2 - Carol Cox


Wishing each one of you moments of quiet in which to reflect on that joyous Reason!


Until next time . . .



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    Carol..would you send this to Ken’s email so he can enjoy the pictures on his 32″ screen. Thanks

    Virginia Bauer

    Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    LOL You’re welcome, Kathy! Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as cold as it has been in years past. Standing in the snow tends to cool my enjoyment in more ways than one. 😉

    Carol Cox
    Carol Cox

    Dec 12, 2012 | Reply

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