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Arizona’s Beautiful Grand Canyon…and a New Release!

Growing up in Arizona, I didn’t have to travel far to see one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders—the Grand Canyon. Since my first trip there at age nine, it has been one of my all-time favorite places to visit.

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Last fall, I spent my birthday at the canyon with my family, which also gave me the chance to do some research on the setting for my latest release, Danielle. As many of you already know, my current project is breathing new life into my earlier titles. What better way to double-check the details in this novella and make sure they were still accurate? I love a win-win!


Here’s a close-up view of a few of the things I had on my checklist:

Like Dani, I’ve worshiped at the Shrine of the Ages…

Blog - Shrine of the Ages 1

Blog - Shrine of the Ages 2


…and walked the Rim Trail, where I discovered the crest of rocks that serves as an important location in the story.

Blog - Rim Trail


In a place teeming with gorgeous vistas, Grandview Point remains one of my favorites.

Blog - Carol at Grand Canyon


Here’s a fun bit of trivia–my husband once officiated at a wedding out on Grandview Point, right inside the circle of rocks you see below. (Once you read the story, you’ll understand the significance!)

Blog - Grandview Point

The bride and groom drove all the way from North Carolina to be married there at sunset, and what a scramble it was for them to drive cross-country, stop at the courthouse in Flagstaff to get their marriage license, and meet us at the park in time to pull it off!


If you make a visit to the canyon, let me know what you think once you’ve checked out Grandview Point for yourself, as well as other places from the story, like the Canyon Village Deli.

Blog - Canyon Country Cafe

They serve a yummy assortment of gluten-free sandwiches here!

It was such a joy to spend a day in that beautiful setting–and it’s even more exciting to offer the novella to my readers again…and so I’m very pleased to announce the release of the new, updated Danielle.




FB - Danielle cover

Easygoing Danielle Gallagher loves her job in a gift shop at the Grand Canyon. Spending her days with visitors from all over the world and living in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, she savors each day to its fullest. 

Dani has turned her back on the pitfalls of the dating game and made a commitment to wait for the man God has in mind for her, instead of searching for Mr. Right on her own. That decision set her free…free to be herself and take life as it comes, using her creativity to serve the Lord instead of wasting her time on dead-end relationships.

Chase Sheppard once made the mistake of giving his heart to a woman who didn’t share his priorities. He isn’t about to make the same blunder twice. A committed Christian, Chase has no intention of getting involved with a woman who isn’t as serious as he is about pursuing a relationship with God…and that most certainly applies to carefree Dani Gallagher, with her lighthearted approach to life.

Despite some well-intentioned meddling by their friends, neither one of them is remotely interested in the other. But does God have something more in mind—a way to create harmony from these clashing personalities?


I hope you’ll check out this latest, updated release—and that you have as much fun reading Dani’s story as I did writing it.

And if you do, I would deeply appreciate it if you’d take a moment to leave a review on Amazon. The reviews readers leave mean far more than just stroking an author’s ego. They can help immeasurably in getting the word out and making a book more visible…thereby paving the way for more books from your favorite authors – another win-win! 🙂


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