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Mysteries by Author Carol Cox

Tea and Sympathy by Author Carol Cox

Tea and Sympathy

When Kate wakes one morning, only to realize she’s been sleeping for days, she is shocked and alarmed. How did she sleep for so long? And why does she feel so weak? With Paul at her side, Kate concludes that she’s come down with a nasty flu and decides to continue working on her current mystery from bed.

Mayor Lawton Briddle has been accused of a horrendous financial crime, and Kate is convinced he’s innocent. But when she digs back into her work, not only is her memory fuzzy, but she’s also missing any real evidence of the research she has already done.

Homebound, recovering at a snail’s pace and working from ground zero, Kate must mentally retrace her steps to solve the mystery of Lawton’s indictment, while also getting to the bottom of why her memory has lapsed.

Who's That Girl by Author Carol Cox

Who’s That Girl?

When Kate gets a call from the local hospital requesting that she identify a young woman who asked for her by name, she rushes to the hospital only to discover that she’s never laid eyes on the comatose patient before.

Never one to avoid a mystery, Kate travels from an abandoned campground to a college campus and all around Copper Mill in an effort to discover not only the woman’s identity, but how she ended up in the hospital in the first place. But not everything is what it seems.

Millie Lovelace’s mysterious behavior raises suspicions, and Paul’s mentor Nehemiah Jacobs has a few secrets of his own. As Kate and Paul struggle to make sense of it all, Kate realizes that spreading a little faith might be all that she needs to do to crack the case wide open.

Dog Days by Author Carol Cox

Dog Days

The dog days of summer are anything but boring when the Harrington County Dog Show comes to Copper Mill.

Proud pooches and their owners will stop at nothing to take home “Best in Show.” With only a few weeks until the big event, Renee Lambert has a serious shock: Her pocket-pup Kisses has been dognapped! While Renee mourns the loss of her faithful companion, Kate sets out to find the missing Chihuahua, but a series of pranks, a heated argument and a suspicious auction throw her off the trail. Can she bring the dog home before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Paul organizes a car-care clinic to connect with needy families in the area and ends up serving a woman who wants nothing to do with the church. Can the Hanlons reach out to her without turning her away for good? Can they help everyone realize that trophies have nothing to do with the biggest prize of all?

A Test of Faith by Author Carol Cox

A Test of Faith

When everything falls apart, can faith hold them together?

When a stolen car crashes through the front window of the Country Diner, Kate vows to find the driver, who has vanished into the night. But when Kate’s wallet is discovered in the front seat of the car, she has a whole new reason to find the culprit.

How did it end up there? No one in town seems to believe that the pastor’s wife isn’t a car thief, and with their whole ministry on the line, Kate sets out in search of answers. Meanwhile, Paul breaks his ankle in a church basketball game and Kate finds herself caring for her ailing husband. And the diner’s owner Loretta isn’t talking about when–or if–the restaurant will reopen.

Is this all simply a test of faith, or is this a sign that the Hanlons’ time in Copper Mill is coming to a close?

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